Screw Thread Engineering Software–Absolutely the fastest, most complete, and accurate thread software program on the market

STETFS (Screw Thread Engineering To Federal Standards)  Screw Thread Design Software calculates standard & special thread gage & product dimensions for both manufacturing & Cal-Lab needs.

Specifications and formulas used from ASME, ANSI, British, ISO, and Federal Standard Documents. Now available with Certificate of Calibration for all thread gages

 Not a database – This is a complete thread engineering program

Private telephone walk thru for new users – technical help available with a
phone call

One input provides gage and product dimensions for every thread type with STETFS software. Most inputs are done using the program’s “point to” menu system. The only typing required is the nominal major diameter and number of threads per inch. The user then points to the rest of the thread data required in popup menu dialog boxes. The program then types the selected data—eliminating costly typing errors. Minimum and maximum coating thickness allowances are provided for on product and gages.

“J” and “R” root radius with crest and root width provided, as well as drill hole sizes. Applicable specifications shown at top of each page.

Best, Exact and Optional over wire measurements are given for single and multiple start threads. The wire diameter required is calculated for the measurement type selected. The user may use an optional wire diameter when the best or exact wire diameters are not available. All programs in the set have several options that you access through the Edit options menu. These include: altering the pitch diameters, changing product thread class, or gage class. This is done without having to repeat the data entry cycle.

The required dimensions and tolerances are provided for the internal and external product threads,including: dimensions for working plug gages, setting plug gages, ring gages and minor diameter gages.

STETFS is a Windows software and will run with Windows 98, ME, XP, NT and the newly released Windows VISTA 32 bit version operating systems.

When you choose Ideal for your Screw Thread design software, you’ve chosen the “The Biggest Little Gage Company in the world.”

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Steffs Software

STETFS Screw Thread
Design Software

Screw Thread Types:

ACME – Standard & special - General, Centralizing, Centralizing Stub, Stub, Stub Mod 1 & 2 and gages
Standard & special American National Standard threads, All classes, product & gages (old N,NC,NF,NEF & NS Standards)
Standard & special American & British gage & product threads
55 parallel pipe thread gage & product threads to ISO standards
55 Whitworth standard & special gage & product threads
BTPT–55 standard taper pipe thread gage & product threads to ISO standards
Standard & special Metric product threads to B1.13M & J threads to B1.21M, gages to ISO1504
Measurement of all types of pressure angle threads, includes parallel & tapered threads
Standard & special Metric gage & product threads to ASME standards– Metric STI gages
Standard American National taper pipe thread gage & product threads
Unified standard & special thread insert working plug gages, all classes & diameters
Standard & Special 60 Unified stub threads to ASME B1.1 & Mil standards
Standard & Special Trapezoidal product and gage threads to ISO standards
Standard & special product threads to ASME B1.1 and gages to ASME B1.2
Standard & special Unified product and gage threads to ASME B1.1 – 2003
Lead angle compensation measurements for all equal pressure angle, single or multiple start threads