High Quality Fixed Limit Gage Products

Plug Gages: In stock and ready to ship the same day
As the gage manufacturer proudly known as “The Biggest Little Gage Company in the world,” Ideal Gage keeps a supply of all standard Plug Gages in stock. In most cases, these Threaded Plug Gages ship the same day you place an order.

Thread Ring Gages: Ready to ship in 3-10 days
Most of Ideal’s Thread Ring Gages ship in 3-10 days, with a custom fixed limit gage product usually shipping within 1-3 weeks.

100% Certification and Inspection with each order
Each of Ideal’s high quality aerospace gages is inspected 100% for conformance to established Aerospace, Commercial ANSI/ASME quality requirements and standards. All Ideal fixed limit gages meet ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and long form certifications are included with every shipment.

Know the High Quality Fixed Limit Gage product you choose is the correct one
Ideal’s team of experts, with over 90 years of combined experience, pre-engineers all orders, checking for errors in your drawings. If you are not sure which Plug Gage or Thread Ring Gage is correct for your application, Ideal will help you with advice on specifications and threading techniques: including tooling, drill and tap size, and plating allowances.

Screw Thread Design Software: Now available through Ideal
As an authorized distributor for STETFS (Screw Thread Engineering To Federal Standards) Software, Ideal personnel regularly sells and trains engineering and quality persons on this easy-to-use screw thread design software program.

When you choose Ideal for your Plug Gage or Thread Ring Gage needs, you’ve chosen the “The Biggest Little Gage Company in the world.” Contact us today at 1-800-966-1342, email us at sales@idealgage.com with your RFQ. We promise to help you with all your Fixed Limit Gage applications.




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